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This is where you'll find insights and information on issues related to accessibility, community and advocacy for and by people with spinal cord injury.


We’d like to thank our community for active participation in our www.yourmoveontario.ca campaign these past few months. As election day in Ontario approached, we prepared for all outcomes, including a majority PC government, and we will be moving forward, amplifying our community’s voice and ensuring representation at Queen’s Park for people with SCI in the same collaborative manner that we have been doing with every government for over 70 years.  We look forward to working with the PC Government on matters that are important to our community and we congratulate all parties for bringing forward platforms that carried honest efforts to make Ontario greater.

Doug Ford & Peter AthanasopoulosHere are some results from our campaign:

  • 668 emails sent by our community to candidates
  • 121 candidate responses to our questionnaire on accessibility
  • Four major parties confirmed meeting with SCIO within 100 days of election

In the weeks leading up to the election, I met briefly with Doug Ford (see June 5 photo) and members of other parties to communicate our priorities, and shall continue to work for a more inclusive and equitable Ontario on behalf of our community.

Thank you for your support!

Peter Athanasopoulos
Senior Manager, Government Relations & Public Policy

Community-led communications

Those of you familiar with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario may notice a few recent changes in our communications. We’re proud to present them, along with the story of how they emerged. In 2017 we reached out to our community for input on our mission, vision, values – the essence of who we are. There were a lot of discussions about our strengths and challenges, what we stand for and where we want to go. From those who’ve been around SCIO for decades to those just joining us as a volunteer, client, staff member or donor, we heard divergent, inspiring thoughts and perceptions of this charity. Our Board of Directors and CEO Dr. Stuart Howe got behind this process, knowing how important community collaboration is in driving our communications and achieving our strategic priorities – Amplify our Community’s Voice, Expand our Impact across Ontario and Share Knowledge. We thank everyone for their participation, and are pleased to share a few of our updated communications initiatives:

  • A restated Vision and Mission was introduced last year.
  • A new tagline: Peer to peer. Strength to strength. These few words capture the core of SCIO, as our Peer Support Program brings peers together to share insights and experience from injury to recovery to rehab to achieving personal life goals. The challenging journey of life with a spinal cord injury is a complex and surprising one, with each day bringing new ways to move from strength to strength.
  • A new guide for inclusive language supports respectful communications everywhere.
  • This website is built to make it easy for people to tap into our services and connect with us as  clients, community partners, supporters and advocates. We have a history of collaboration and down to earth action with and for people with spinal cord injury and other disabilities, so our aim is to present clear information to support your goals. As any good website is a work in progress, we’d love to hear your feedback – share with us at communications@sciontario.org.
  • Stay tuned for our Communiqué Blog in this space.
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