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Upcoming Events

Peer Connections: Direct Funding – Kingston

Please join us along with guest speaker, Elizabeth Stevenson, Direct Funding Program Supervisor, from the Independent Living Centre in Kingston, as she discusses what direct…

Peer Connections: TETRA Society – Hamilton

Please join us along with guest speaker, Ron Baliko to hear all about the TETRA Society. Tetra recruits skilled volunteers – engineers and technicians –…

Certified Webcast for Primary Care Providers: Improving Primary Care for People with Spinal Cord Injury

Right now, Ontario is a regional lottery for people with a spinal cord injury seeking primary care. If you are a Primary Care provider, join…

Peer Connections: Wheelchair Service & Maintenance – York

Come on out to learn how to keep your wheelchair safe and reliable. Join your peers and learn how they identify a problem before it…

Peer Connections: Fitness & Nutrition – Toronto

Being active does not only mean going to the gym. There are multiple ways to stay active in your community starting with healthy food choices….

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