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hands using a tablet SCIO social media channels are a great place to connect with our community. We use four platforms to keep you updated on upcoming events, local and world news and poignant personal stories. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to stay engaged. Here are a few notable moments from each platform our followers loved:




This past summer, we posted about  Dr. Daniel Grossman. One year after sustaining a spinal cord injury from biking, Dr. Grossman returned to the job he loved at the Mayo Clinic. Telling his patients their lives are about to change is emotional for Dr. Grossman, as he understands first-hand the impact of life-altering events. Read more about Daniel Grossman on Twitter.


We shared our #peeforfree campaign across all platforms, including LinkedIn. It’s an awareness-raising campaign to highlight the high cost of catheters, a medical supply that many Ontarians with spinal cord injury use on a daily basis. See the post here.


We recently shared a Queen’s University research study on our Facebook. The study analyzes the cost of medicine and barriers people may face to afford their medication. If you’re interested in research or looking to volunteer, our social media keeps you updated on all opportunities.


National Nurses Week brought an opportunity to capture one of Peer Support Co-ordinators and the nurse at Lyndhurst Centre in Toronto who together have helped so many people with spinal cord injury move through rehab and into an independent life. Check it out.

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