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Access Pride: Accessibility Services Available at the Toronto Pride Parade

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Happy Pride Month, everyone! This June, LGBTQ2+ communities from around the world celebrate the freedom to be themselves. Pride gatherings are wonderful events full of colour and fun, however, they are also an opportunity to highlight a greater cause. Pride Month is a chance to pay homage to the struggles and triumphs of minority groups who, for decades, have worked to overcome prejudice to embrace who they truly are. Pride Month encourages us to celebrate the past and work toward a better future.

Here at SCIO, we are so proud of everyone in our community.

How are you planning on celebrating pride? We’ve got an idea. The Toronto Pride Parade is happening Sunday, June 23rd, we’re happy to report there are many accessibility services available. We love that through the inclusion of these services, the organizer, Pride Toronto, shows their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Here are a few notable accessibility features:

Accessibility Hub

The parade route features an Accessibility Hub, which organizers describe as “a safe space to escape the crowds, socialize and be comfortable.” The hub provides more than just comfort; it also features numerous mobility services including:

  • Mobility assistants
  • Wheelchair and walker lending services
  • Chargers for electric mobility devices
  • Accessible seating area & viewing stands
  • Accessible washrooms

Description and Alternative Format Media

The Toronto Pride Parade also includes accessibility devices for those who are blind or partially sighted. They have a live audio description of the parade, print guides available in braille or large print formats, and tactile maps posted at the Accessibility Hub.

For more information on the accessibility services available at pride, the locations of these services, and the parade route visit Pride Toronto – Festival Accessibility

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Happy Pride Everyone!

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