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Accessibility & Community

All together now

There are a lot of people and organizations that make it their business to make life more inclusive and equitable in this province. The need for improved accessibility is great - and so is the task ahead. But when all sectors work together - government, business, nonprofits, community - things move along faster, more efficiently, more effectively. Which is exactly the movement we need.

Accessibility & Disability Awareness Resources

We’ll add new links to this list regularly.

Check our Events section for upcoming conferences and shows.

Looking to increase accessibility awareness at your office, school or community group? Check out our Community Learning and Corporate Training programs.

Looking for specific information on spinal cord injury, accessibility or disability awareness? Learn more here or connect with our Service Co-ordination Program.

Accessibility in the Media

The way that people with disabilities are portrayed in the news and entertainment media is vitally important. A positive and accurate reflection of children and adults with disabilities directly influences societal perceptions and, in turn, attitudes, behaviour and opportunities. Media are in a strong position to increase representation and awareness of accessibility and other issues relating to living with a disability in Ontario. We applaud those who use that position for good and want journalists to know we are here to help.

SCIO In the News

Recent Movies of Note

Reel Abilities Film Festival

We are proud to be a community partner with the annual ReelAccess Film Festival in Toronto. Keep an eye out every spring for this great festival.

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