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The Revolution Continues

Activism is in our blood. Our founders had a keen vision of what life could be for people with a spinal cord injury, and they worked fiercely for change. Today, there is much improved health care and far greater opportunities for independent living than in 1945 but change is still critical. A fully inclusive Ontario means accessibility across the board - eliminating physical barriers and expanding access to important areas such care, mobility devices and medical supplies. We're on it. With your help!

All Together Now

We are grateful to the people and organizations who share our vision for a more equitable province and dedicate so much time, talent and energy toward making change. We take your lead on what needs to change! Here are a few of the ways SCIO’s Advocacy Department and our community move the needle on accessibility, inclusion and disability rights in this province:

Amplifying your voice with government
To harness the knowledge and perspective of our community, we facilitate communication between people with SCI and their Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) across Ontario. We describe them as Peer Activists and presently have 83 in the 127 ridings across Ontario. And during the federal election, we did the same for MP candidates in Ontario  – check out how  people started the conversation to ensure accessibility is on the agenda for the election. If you’re interested in other Peer Activist work, email us at


Building coalitions for good
With 100+ organizations and corporate partners by our side, we improve access through policy change and research. We have representation across the entire continuum of care, including; researchers, hospitals, clinicians, service providers, community organizations and corporate affiliates. Our established coalitions have the skills and expertise to facilitate qualitative and quantitative research, informatics, business cases, economic analysis and corporate resources. Check out the extraordinary work of the Ontario SCI Alliance


Spreading the word
We inspire participation in awareness campaigns on important issues that are relevant to our community. Our latest is #peeforfree – bringing people together to talk about – and reduce – the high cost of catheters, and to improve access to medical supplies in this province. 2020 brings a new social media campaign around improving access for all – Help Accessibility Happen. Share our posts if you can!


Physicians’ Conference
We host certified webcasts in partnership with the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) Professional Learning Series. Our panelists shared critical information about supporting people with SCI’s medical needs in the community, important advocacy to improve accessibility in doctors’ examining rooms, and our direction to develop stronger services for people with SCI across Ontario.  Recently we hosted a web conference on chronic pain, which was very well attended.  View the March 2019 conference on Improving Primary Care. To complement this learning, we are building a physician engagement network to improve access to primary care for our community. If you know family physicians serving people with SCI in your community, please let us know –


Government Relations

You’ll see a host of initiatives in our Ontario SCI Alliance portal that build on government partnerships. As a provincial expert on SCI we have a powerful voice, supporting the government where we can to make change. At the request of the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs, we recently submitted recommendations towards the Affordable and Accessible Housing Supply Action Plan Consultations. Read our report here. And we are involved with the AODA standards development committees, sitting on the Health Standard, Education Standard and Employment Standard committees.

Creating pathways of care

After sustaining an injury, the road ahead can look like a labyrinth. At an already difficult time, people are faced with a lot of information which can be confusing and overwhelming.  We’ve partnered up with The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) and the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) to develop a framework that supports integrated, more efficient, equitable co-ordination of care for people living with spinal cord and acquired brain injury. Along with our provincial partners, we’re working with the Ministry of Health to advance the concept and launch it into the next phase of planning.



Accessibility & Disability Awareness Resources


Cortree Disability Education Centre

Choose Cortree for powerful online learning on a variety of topics related to accessibility and disability.

Accessibility in the Media

The way that people with disabilities are portrayed in the news and entertainment media is vitally important. A positive and accurate reflection of children and adults with disabilities directly influences societal perceptions and, in turn, attitudes, behaviour and opportunities. Media are in a strong position to increase representation and awareness of accessibility and other issues relating to living with a disability in Ontario. We applaud those who use that position for good and want journalists to know we are here to help.

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