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Advocacy @ SCIO

The Revolution Continues

Activism is in our blood. Our founders had a keen vision of what life could be for people with a spinal cord injury, and they worked fiercely for change. Today, there is much improved health care and far greater opportunities for independent living than in 1945 but change is still critical. A fully inclusive Ontario means accessibility across the board - eliminating physical barriers and expanding access to important areas such as....health care, mobility devices and medical supplies. We're on it.


We are grateful to the individuals and organizations who share our vision for a more equitable province and dedicate so much time, talent and energy toward making change. We can’t do it without you! Below are some of our current advocacy campaigns and initiatives that are moving us all closer to our vision of a fully inclusive and equitable province. See also some of the change emerging and progress made from our community’s efforts.

Government Relations and Housing

At SCIO we believe housing should be accessible and affordable.  At the request of the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs, we submitted recommendations towards the Affordable and Accessible Housing Supply Action Plan Consultations. Read our report here.

Your move, Ontario

The Your Move, Ontario campaign was launched to inspire Ontarians to connect with candidates in the spring 2018 provincial election. Our community did just that to highlight critical issues affecting our community and encourage candidates to weigh in through a questionnaire. The campaign continues as we encourage our community to create meaningful relationships with their MPPs, who represent them on issues of accessibility and equality in Queen’s Park. Learn more here. And view our short video below to learn about our four urgent issues.


Primary Care Awareness Campaign

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario Advocacy Memes

In March, we hosted with Ontario Telemedicine Network a Primary Care web conference that was certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario Chapter. This well-attended conference was an important step toward increasing awareness in the medical community of the ‘regional lottery’ that currently exists for people looking for local specialized health care. Our social media campaign highlighted this need for more family physicians who can treat people with SCIs.
Physicians: stay tuned for info on a new web conference on Neuropathic Pain in March and September 2019


SCI Ontario Alliance

Co-led by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF), and in partnership with the Rick Hansen Institute, the SCI Ontario Alliance works with 100+ key provincial stakeholders and strategic partners to address and resolve systemic barriers in Ontario. Learn more through the Ontario SCI Alliance regular Updates.


Peter Athanasopoulos

Peter Athanasopoulos, our Senior Manager, Government Relations and Public Policy, is the driving force behind our advocacy efforts. In photo, Peter (centre), MP Rob Oliphant (left) and CEO Stuart Howe gather at the Toronto SCIO office after discussing accessible housing and the federal accessibility legislation. Read a profile on Peter, published in a recent Outspoken! magazine.

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