Four Urgent Issues

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Four Urgent Issues

Let’s make change, Ontario.

There are four urgent issues that are critical for people with spinal cord injury and other disabilities in Ontario, as identified by our community. We are working with our community members and the provincial government to improve all four, and invite you to learn more and take action for positive change. (Other vital issues, like housing, are also being addressed. Read our recent report to the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs.) 


Four Urgent Issues

Access to Mobility Devices

Mobility devices – manual and motorized wheelchairs – allow people to live, play and work independently and, for those with a permanent disability, should be considered a human right over their lifetime. The mobility device sector needs to change.


Access to Medical Supplies

There should be a province-wide comprehensive medical supply coverage program for those with permanent needs. For example, every person who uses intermittent catheterization should be able to rely on full coverage of catheters. Hence, our #peeforfree campaign.



Accessible Health Care for All

In Ontario, if a person has a heart condition, there are defined processes and supports in place to ensure optimal health care. What happens if you have a spinal cord injury? There is a clear road map for the first four months and then… it gets a little foggy.


AODA Commitment

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act was adopted in order to eliminate barriers to participation of individuals with disabilities. Ontario should be fully accessible by 2025 but we are off course. We need a government that will make accessibility a priority.




October 2019 Federal Election Campaign

Leading up to the federal election of Monday, October 21, 2019, we supported conversations between our community and MP candidates for our next Canadian Government. This was an excellent opportunity to talk accessibility issues with lawmakers. Learn more.

June 2018 Ontario Provincial Election Campaign

During the 2018 provincial election, our community made their expectations known and contributed by connecting with MPPs about issues important to all Ontarians who want a more inclusive and equitable province. Raising awareness with candidates about the importance of these issues had impact. Here are some results:

  • 668 emails sent by our community to candidates
  • 121 candidate responses to our questionnaire on accessibility
  • Four major parties confirmed meeting with SCIO within 100 days of election

Check out more community participation and research in our work with the Ontario SCI Alliance.


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