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Accessible Health Care for All

"" Accessible Health Care for All

In Ontario, if a person has a heart condition, there are defined processes and supports in place to ensure optimal health care. Similarly, for those who are diagnosed with cancer, each individual is guided by a health care team and goes through a process that defines the best treatment. What happens if you have a spinal cord injury? There is a clear road map for the first four months and then… it gets a little foggy. Health care gets harder to get and further from home.

What needs to change?

The Ontario government needs to ensure people with spinal cord injuries have fully inclusive access, in their own community, to family doctors with relevant knowledge and experience.

Together, we want to ensure each and every Ontarian with a spinal cord injury has access to a family physicians engagement network, specifically:

  • Access to a family physician, or a network of physicians, who understands spinal cord injury and can provide reliable support and the tools needed to provide proper health care.
  • Access to specialists linked with one of the five dedicated SCI Rehab Centres in Ontario.
  • Access to a multi-professional team, which may include an attendant, a nurse, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, a respiratory therapist and/or a wheelchair vendor to name a few.

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