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Preventing inaccessible e-scooter pilots across Ontario


Preventing inaccessible and dangerous e-scooter pilots across Ontario

Last November, the Ontario Government passed a regulation which allows municipalities to permit dangerous e-scooters on roads, sidewalks and other public places via rental ride sharing. It ignored serious safety and accessibility concerns documented by Ontarians with disabilities. Rental e-scooters, strewn in public places, are mobility barriers for people with disabilities. Silent e-scooters, racing at 24 kph, driven by uninsured, unlicensed, untrained riders as young as 16, will endanger the physical safety of people with disabilities and others on sidewalks and other public places.

In January 2020, eleven major community organizations collaborated to write an open letter to the Ontario Government (including mayors, councils and municipalities), urging them not to permit electric scooters on roads, sidewalks or other public places through rental ride-sharing.

This regulation is currently under review with Toronto City Council. We have prepared a toolkit that can help you participate in this opposing campaign.

  1. How to Create an Effective Email/Letter/Open Letter
  2. How to find your City Councillor, MPP, MP, Ward and Riding
  3. Action Kit: Protect Torontonians with Disabilities from the Dangers of Electric Scooters
  4. Media Nation radio interview with David Lepofsky – November 3, 2020

AODA Alliance: Help Stop Toronto from Allowing Electric Scooters that Endanger People with Disabilities and Others

In this video, AODA Alliance Chair David Lepofsky explains why it would endanger the safety and accessibility for people with disabilities, seniors and others for Toronto to allow electric scooters (e-scooters). He gives practical tips on how you can quickly and easily help with this cause. Watch the video here

AODA Alliance brief on e-scooters

Toronto Raging Grannies against e-scooters:

In Toronto, people with disabilities are especially concerned about the dangerous proposal to allow riding of stand-on electric scooters on sidewalks – and allowing them to be dropped anywhere, causing a serious tripping hazard.
The Toronto Raging Grannies say NO to e-scooters on our sidewalks & streets. Watch the video here.

We encourage those in Toronto to take action today! Other supporters across the province can contact their municipal councillor and inquire about the inaccessible and dangerous e-scooter rental pilots in their local community. For more information, email [email protected]

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