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Client Experience

Please share your experience related to access to mobility devices.

In a very complex situation, SCIO is making every effort to improve the client experience in accessing mobility devices in Ontario. At this time, we are working with ADP to modernize and improve the client experience and hold vendors more accountable to the obligation of being an ADP authorizer. To support this direction, we are encouraging your stories. Help us understand with real-time experiences.

Sharing your story through this web form does not mean SCIO can resolve the problem for you, however we will use submitted stories as we work with ADP to strengthen our position and improve the system of services provided by vendors and ADP. The stories will be anonymously presented to government – with no personal or identifying information. Our community’s privacy is extremely important to us.

    My barrier with assistive devices vendors in Ontario:

    Was the situation resolved? Please explain.

    What would be your proposed solution to avoid this barrier from happening again?

    I give consent to SCIO to use my story as described below.

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