Your Move, Ontario: Election 2022

It’s Your Move, Ontario

Ontario election candidates need to hear from you! Now is the time to express your concerns about the instability of programs/services and the systemic challenges for those with disabilities in the province. The pandemic has exposed deficiencies in our system; it’s time to refocus our efforts and advocate for essential services.

Connect with your local candidates across all parties. It’s easy! We’ve provided resources below that will arm you with information and an easy process to send an email directly to their inbox.

Understand the Issues

Access our Advocate Toolkit including sample letters, access to reports, questions for candidates as well as information about spinal cord injury.

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Candidate Toolkit

Get to know the most pertinent issues impacting those with a disability and make these issues a part of your campaign pledge and agenda.

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Engage in this election and create positive
change for people with disabilities in Ontario.

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