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Your Move, Ontario


It’s Your Move, Ontario:
Federal Election Call to Action

The federal election is slated for Oct 21, 2019. In the weeks leading up to this important day, our community – people with SCI, service providers, researchers, policy makers, industry, donors and volunteers – have used their voice to make a difference. Through the form below, they communicated with candidates who may be elected to form the next Canadian Government as Members of Parliament (MPs).

Responses so far

Through www.yourmoveontario.ca we engaged 147 MP candidates across four major parties through email, phone, face-to-face, websites, events, and party fundraisers IN ONTARIO ALONE. What a team effort! During this election, SCIO and Ontario’s SCI community engaged candidates by asking very simple questions in their own words.

Based on community members reporting back to the Advocacy Team at SCIO in a variety of ways, we have summarized the candidates here who made these commitments to members of our community. (If you engaged candidates and did not report back to us, your candidate response will not be reflected in our summary.) Remember, these are not SCIO relationships, they are yours.  SCIO simply provided the tools for our community to engage easily. Regardless if these candidates are elected, they have voiced commitment to addressing and resolving disability and accessibility issues in your riding.  They have made an effort to engage with us. Take advantage and continue your engagement beyond the election.

MP Responses 

  • Conservatives  –  35 Responses
  • Green Party   –  28 Responses
  • Liberals  –  64 Responses
  • NDP  –  20 Responses

Party Responses

Through the work of David Lepofski and the AODA Alliance, learn more in-depth information about the parties’ positions to accessibility.  Through the work of Rick Hansen and the Rick Hansen Foundation, view Rick’s engagement with the parties.

As a non-partisan organization, we hope this information is valuable and can inform you on voting day and beyond.


Key Questions

  • As a candidate for my riding, can we work together on disability and accessibility issues?
  • As a candidate for my riding, will you help me solve disability and accessibility issues in our riding?
  • As a candidate for my riding, will you help me strengthen and implement the Accessible Canada Act?


Communicate with your MP

MPs are influential officials toward the implementation of the Accessible Canada Act. There are approximately 338 ridings across Canada with 121 ridings across Ontario and 22% of this country’s population are people with disabilities. Your voice matters.  



Enter your postal code into the form below. We’ll find your riding and corresponding MP candidates.


Use the prepopulated letter provided or edit / rewrite your own letter. All letters are written in your name and will be sent to your candidates and to SCIO.


That’s it! Don’t forget to share this page with your friends and families.


Take Action!

Please follow the steps below.

Enter your postal code - no space


Planning on speaking to your MP?

Here are a few key points you can make:

  • We now have an Accessible Canada Act.  Implementation of this Act is key. How can we work together to ensure this Act achieves a fully inclusive Canada?
  • Public spaces should be accessible. Do you have an idea on what your riding is doing to improve accessibility in our riding?
  • Accessible housing in this province is extremely limited, which poses great risks to people who need it. How can we work together on this?
  • Are there committees or advisories that your MP is on that would be helpful to improve accessibility? Find out about getting on those committees. Things move faster when we work together.
  • View more ideas here

If you learn about a candidate’s platform on accessibility or other disability issues, please share a summary with us at advocacy@sciontario.org. We’ll collect as complete a list as possible of platforms and promises, and share on this page as we progress.


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