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Your Move, Ontario

It’s Your Move, Ontario: #peeforfree

You may be one of the 38,000 people with a spinal cord injury in Ontario who uses intermittent catheters every day. Unless you are part of specialist programs covering access to single-use ICs, the supply cost can be up to $2,500 a month.  We know you know this, yet does your MPP understand the impact this has upon your life and the Province of Ontario? We are gearing up with a new #peeforfree campaign directed at the Government of Ontario.

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The It’s Your Move campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach during the 2019 Federal election. We have reconfigured this site to allow you to write to your Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP). 

We have formatted the letter for you. Just simply enter your postcode and it will direct the letter to your MPP.

Write to your MPP today


We wish to obtain short videos from you to help us represent your voice on why the accessibility and affordability of medical supplies in Ontario requires action. 

You have everything you need to help create one-minute videos. We have created three questions and simple instructions. By submitting a video you allow SCIO to use your video, image or words to support the #peeforfree campaign.

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