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Your Move, Ontario

It’s Your Move, Ontario:
Federal Election Call to Action

Calling all people with SCI, service providers, researchers, policy makers, industry, donors, volunteers! The federal election is slated for Oct 21, 2019. In the weeks leading up to this important day, you can use your voice to make a difference. It’s time to communicate with candidates who may be elected to form the next Canadian Government as Members of Parliament (MPs).

MPs are influential officials toward the implementation of the Accessible Canada Act. There are approximately 338 ridings across Canada with 121 ridings across Ontario and 22% of this country’s population are people with disabilities. Your voice matters.  




Enter your postal code into the form below. We’ll find your riding and corresponding MP candidates.


Use the prepopulated letter provided or edit / rewrite your own letter. All letters are written in your name and will be sent to your candidates and to SCIO.


That’s it! Don’t forget to share this page with your friends and families.


Take Action!

Please follow the steps below.

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Getting To Know Our Candidates

Check out the chart below for a selection of upcoming election campaign meetings or rallies. If you plan to attend one of these events or have other information about a candidate’s platform on accessibility or other disability issues, please share a summary with us at advocacy@sciontario.org. We’ll collect as complete a list as possible of platforms and promises, and share on this page as we progress.


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