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Partners for Good

The Ontario SCI Alliance is co-led by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF). Together, 250 key provincial stakeholders and strategic partners of researchers, service providers, policy makers, funders and people with spinal cord injury address and resolve systemic barriers in Ontario. We have a clear vision and are getting things done.

We have been working to re-align the alliance in a way that is relevant to the principal of keeping researchers, service providers, hospitals, policy makers, and people with SCI together in equal partnership. We are committed to ensuring that the Ministry of Health and Ontario Health sees how the Alliance brings value to Ontario’s health transformation agenda.  

The alliance continues to: 

  • Play a critical role in engaging researchers with people with SCI 
  • Create a forum where research to practice happens faster 
  • Address and resolve systemic barriers that impact the quality of life of people with SCI through best practice research.  


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