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Ontario SCI Alliance

Partners for Good

The Ontario SCI Alliance is co-led by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF). Together, 250 key provincial stakeholders and strategic partners of researchers, service providers, policy makers, funders and people with spinal cord injury address and resolve systemic barriers in Ontario. We have a clear vision and are getting things done.


February 2020 Update

1. The Power Behind SCI Research

The Ontario SCI Alliance has been partnering with multiple research initiatives to ensure meaningful participation of people with SCI and creating opportunities for practice changes that improve the quality of life of people with SCI.  To learn more about the power of research, read our recent Community magazine article.

2. Research Partnerships

Over the last two months, our research participation platform has been busy.  We have several requests to support research studies with the participation of our community via our web-portal. There have been interesting studies with engaged community members who are quite passionate to contribute their time and energy.  Recently our community has been invested in these promoted studies. To receive regular posts about these opportunities, be sure to follow us through our Facebook and Twitter channels.

3. Integrated Knowledge Translation Principals (IKT)

Under the direction of Dr. Heather Gainforth and the IKT SCI Leadership Panel, much work has been done to create the first-ever integrated knowledge translation guiding principles for conducting and disseminating SCI research in partnership. The next step in this process is to seek feedback on the principles from people with experience working in an IKT research partnership. If you are someone who has experience working in a research partnership (e.g., researchers working with community organizations and people with SCI to conduct research), we encourage you to give feedback on the IKT Guiding Principles by completing this survey.

4. Access to Meaningful SCI Primary Care

Through our partnership with the Center for Family Medicine Mobility Clinic, much effort has been happening across Ontario to engage family physicians and other community based inter-professional teams to engage with our networks to serve our community better. To learn more about their progress, sign up for their newsletter. The Mobility Clinic is hosting a stakeholder meeting on March 4, 2020.

5. Neurotrauma Pathways of Care

Under the leadership of Corrine Kegan and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, the Neurotrauma Pathways of Care Steering Committee, chaired by Dr. Mark Bayley, continues to prepare and gather evidence in support of the creation of Neurotrauma Pathways with its working groups.  While we continue to do what we can without dedicated resources, we are optimistic that the Ontario Government will give us the green light to move forward. Read our Ontario Pre-Budget submission to the Ontario Government.

6. Knowledge Exchange

Know How, Right Now. SCIO, through its Cortree Disability Learning Centre, has been building multiple knowledge products. There is lots of learning on a variety of topics. Currently the team completed a revised guide to support prevention and treatment of pressure sores and are finalizing a bladder management course. Have a read and take a course.

7. Ontario SCI Alliance Strategic Planning

Guess What!  Emily Giroux is back and heading up our strategic planning process for 2020-2023, effective March 1, 2020. Similar to our Amplifying our Community’s Voice Strategic Plan we will be engaging our SCI community and asking how they feel about our upcoming goals, how the goals should be prioritized, and areas in which they wish to participate.  More to come on this lofty exercise soon.

8 . SCI Implementation & Quality Care Consortium

Sharing is caring! Knowledge exchange is what the Consortium considers to be one of the key drivers of sustainable engagement of the SCI network. In October 2019, the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine published a special issue [JSCM 2019 Oct; 42(sup1)] encompassing an impressive body of knowledge through the collective contributions made by members of Consortium. These peer reviewed articles are byproducts of years of activities in research, quality improvement initiatives, and collaborations in SCI rehabilitation and beyond. Articles describing the current state of post-rehabilitation health system surveillance in Ontario (Rowan et al), implementation of pain best practices and assessment of provider adherences (Savoie et al), as well as development of an implementation-focused network to improve health care delivery (Wolfe et al), all highlight the need for a harmonized and consistent approach to service delivery, which is an important goal for the Consortium. In addition, nine open access SCI-High Project publications included in this special issue describe the intricate methodologies involved in the development of health indicators for prioritized domains of rehabilitation care. These reported indicators and assessment tools are the drivers of performance monitoring and evaluation across five Ontario SCI rehabilitation sites participating in the Consortium. Check out the JSCM special issue and make sure you share!


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