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SCIO 75th Anniversary

In 2020, we’re celebrating 75 years since our founders established the Canadian Paraplegic Association, which led to revolutionary change for people living with spinal cord injury and to the vibrant organization Spinal Cord Injury Ontario is today. We want to honour all the work and change that has occurred over these years, and also look beyond to the future, where we continue to realize our vision of people with spinal cord injury live the life they choose in a fully inclusive Ontario.



We anticipate lots of opportunities to get involved in our anniversary celebrations. Stay tuned for all the ways you can celebrate with us.


We invite our community to share your thoughts with us. (Whether you have an SCI, are a family member, health care pro, donor, partner or volunteer, we value your opinion!)

Looking Back

What do you feel has most improved life with a spinal cord injury in Ontario?

Looking Beyond

What do you feel needs to happen to improve life with a spinal cord injury?

We will post comments on this site throughout 2020. If you would like your name associated with your comment, please include it here.

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Take a look at some of the milestones in our rich history.

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