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Apple Canada is our Employer of the Year

Great thanks to Apple Canada for coming out to our September 20 Community Celebration in Toronto to accept the 2018 Employer of the Year award. The partnership between SCIO and Apple Canada has seen a fleet of SCIO clients begin exciting new careers in a number of Apple stores in the GTA.

Dr. Stuart Howe, CEO of SCIO said: “As an organization which tirelessly works to break down barriers to accessibility and inclusion in our community, SCIO is delighted to have this meaningful partnership with Apple Canada. Their gold standard approach to accommodating employees with a disability is something to which all companies around the world should aspire.”

SCIO’s Employment Services team partners with job seekers and employers providing both with education, tools to create an inclusive environment and opening up career opportunities. Organizations like Apple Canada know just how important hiring reliable, enthusiastic team members is to their success, and their customers’ experience.

At the podium: The Employer of the Year award was presented to Apple Canada’s Troy Dunn (far left), Sherri McKeown (middle) and Laura Seager (second from right) by SCIO Employment Services team members Marianne Kozinets (second from left) and Richard McCallum.

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