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August Employment Workshop Series – Toronto

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Join us for August’s Employment Workshop in Toronto! RSVP to hold your spot.

August 1
Motivation Workshop
Assess and evaluate your motivation and sustain your motivation throughout your job search.

August 8
Résumé & Cover Letter workshop (1& 2)
Create a functional and chronological résumé
Tailor your résumé for job posting
Finalize résumé preparation/revision
Prepare a basic & tailored cover letter

August 9
Attitude Workshop
What is Attitude? Do you have the right attitude for job searching?

August 10
Life Skills Problem Solving
Bring your problem (large or small) and learn techniques (steps) of problem solving

August 13
Professionalism Workshop (1 & 2)
How to act, dress and communicate in a professional manner
Social Media and Job Search
How to create a profile and navigate LinkedIn

August 15
Job Search (1)

Interview Skills overview (behavioral, information, etc.), job boards, organizing job search

August 16
Job Search (2)
Learning new workplace communication skills and culture
Now you have a job, how to keep it!
Create your business information card

August 20
Accommodations & Disclosure
Disclosing your disability – should you or shouldn’t you?
Is accommodation needed on the job?

August 22
Personality Dimensions (1)
Enjoy self-discovery while learning more about personalities and the impact of these personality types on our behaviour and communication at work.

August 23
Personality Dimensions (2)
I know my Personality Dimensions colour – what now?
How to work with other personalities in the workplace

Details for all workshops:

Time1:30 to 4:00 pm 

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario
Employment Resource Centre (1st floor)
520 Sutherland Dr
Toronto, ON M4G 3V9

Jenny Gilker
SCIO Employment Information Co-ordinator
416-422-5644, ext 245

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