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Call for Nominations: SCIO Builder Award

In celebration of our 75th anniversary, we are pleased to announce a new community award that honours our founders, past CEOs and all those who have built lasting improvements for people with SCI in Ontario. We invite registered members of our community to consider who may fit the criteria outlined here and submit a nomination using the simple form below by March 31, 2020.

The Award Criteria

The SCIO Builder Award recognizes an outstanding individual who has demonstrated long-term, influential commitment to SCIO’s mission of delivering and championing excellence in support, advocacy and service for and with people with spinal cord injuries. Nominees should have:

  • demonstrated, over an extended period of time, a contribution which has included either research, industry achievement, health care and/or community service to the spinal cord injury community
  • a demonstrated positive impact on the sector at the provincial level
  • earned recognition by industry, training, education, health care, community sector or employer groups


  • Complete the form below, sharing your name and contact info, and the name of your nominee, along with up to 500 characters (approx. 100 words) supporting your choice.
  • The SCIO Awards Committee will review submissions and confirm an award winner based on criteria, SCIO’s strategic objectives and nominee’s acceptance.
  • An official announcement of the award recipient will be made through internal channels, within SCIO’s Annual Report and at the Annual General Meeting in June. SCIO will confirm the date and location of the award presentation as soon as available.
  • The recipient’s name and photo will be published in SCIO’s main communications channels and promoted throughout the SCI network.

Thank you for participating! (Not sure if you’re a ‘registered community member’? Learn more and sign up now.)
If you have a nominee in mind, please complete the form below by March 31.

SCIO Builder Award Nomination Form

    Nominator's Information

    The person nominating someone to receive the SCIO Builder Award.

    Nominee's Information

    The person being nominated.

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