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CBC News Report: Wheelchair repair waits risky

When a mobility device becomes immobile, timely repair is absolutely critical. The important topic of access to mobility devices is one of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Four Urgent Issues and was highlighted on September 11 by journalist Lisa Xing of CBC News, community member Joshua Dvorkin and our Director of Public Policy Peter Athanasopoulos in this news story. “My wheelchair is my legs. When my wheelchair is down, I’m down,” said Joshua. Peter and his community of activists in Ontario have been working hard toward a solution with the industry and the government as the stakes of long service times and unaffordable devices are too high. “We’re putting people’s health at risk. We’re putting people’s families at risk and employment at risk,” said Peter. Thanks to Lisa and the CBC for featuring this important story.

Peter Athanasopoulos at Queen's Park
Peter Athanasopoulos at Queen’s Park, Toronto
Photo: Martin Trainor/CBC

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