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Celebrating the Power of Rehabilitation


What does rehab mean to you? That’s the question our friends at UHN’s Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI) asked in the lead up to the first ever Rehabilitation Day on September 17. Hope, Freedom, Power and Recovery were some of the words TRI alumni used and at SCIO, we couldn’t agree more.

Charlie Lyndhurst

Glenn from TRI joins SCIO’s Charlie for a photo at the Lyndhurst Centre, Toronto.

Toronto Mayor, John Tory, proclaimed that September 17 would hereby be recognized as Rehabilitation Day stating: “Various kinds of rehabilitation services are offered in Toronto, to those recovering from injuries, those going through life-altering events, or as a result of age-related conditions. These important services enable people to learn how to live with their new circumstances and thrive in their everyday lives. 

This is an important day to recognize and thank those who dedicate their lives to helping others through rehabilitation services.”

SCIO is proud to work closely with rehabilitation centres across the province, to ensure we’re there to offer support and services to anyone who might need them. 

For its first year, Rehabilitation Day was primarily celebrated in Toronto, but TRI is hopeful that every year more people across the province, country and world will join in honouring the power of rehab.

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