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Changes to SCIO Attendant Services Program

After years of investigation and consideration, the SCIO Board of Directors have decided to pursue divesting the Outreach Attendant Services (AS) Program from SCIO’s suite of provincial programs and services, and transferred the service to March of Dimes of Canada on March 31, 2020.

Why do we need to divest?
In Spring 2019, the Conservative government announced the elimination of the LHIN system and the creation of Ontario Health and 30-50 regional Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). This government structure change made it clear we would have to alter our service delivery model to fit that presented by the Ministry of Health & Long-term Care.

These realities would most certainly have a negative impact on the continued operation of SCIO’s AS program, so being proactive to strengthen opportunities for both our staff and clients was the best possible decision.

Why partner with March of Dimes?
March of Dimes Canada, as an AS provider in many regions across the province, has a larger scope and greater ability than SCIO to support AS staff and clients, so we are proud to partner with this large national charity. March of Dimes is pleased to round out their employee roster with our staff.

In addition to this arrangement, March of Dimes Canada will be using SCIO to augment their attendant training across the province to best support people with SCI.

What does this mean for SCIO?
Though such a big change is challenging in many ways, we are committed to supporting our clients and staff throughout this transition, and are very hopeful that we will emerge a stronger charity. After divesting the AS program, we will continue to focus on working directly with our clients, community and government in the GTA and across the province to provide excellent service, support and advocacy for and with people with SCI and other disabilities, and their families.

Press Release from SCIO and March of Dimes Canada

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