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COVID-19: Medical supplies, funding, attendant care news

We are connecting with our community, government, community agencies and our network of national SCI organizations to understand and respond to our community’s needs during this pandemic, and have prepared this important update:

Accessing Medical Supplies through ODSP Funding

ODSP has agreed to waive the Mandatory Special Necessity (MSN) Form on a month-to-month basis for people who can’t leave their homes. What does this mean? You can contact your medical supply vendor, who you have an existing MSN Form with, and simply order what you need based on your previous MSN form and have it delivered to your home. No paperwork required. The vendor bills ODSP directly. If you are experiencing challenges with this new interim process, contact your case worker. Our SCIO staff are also familiar with this practice change and can help get you the supplies you need.

NON-ODSP Clients & Supply Challenges from Vendors with Medical Supplies

SCIO has been working with medical supply manufacturers to support people with SCI who may be experiencing barriers with medical supply delays from vendors, stalls in getting product in hand, or are in isolation and need immediate medical supply delivery. If you are experiencing barriers and your routine processes are failing to access medical supplies, contact SCIO and we will try to help find solutions for you. Call your SCIO contact or our general number: 416-422-5644 (our toll free # is unreliable at the minute), or email [email protected]

Direct Funding Support

Direct Funding staff are implementing contingency plans to ensure continued delivery of the program to all participants. The program recognizes that many participants are experiencing staff shortages and are concerned about how to continue meeting their needs at this time. Participants of the Program are encouraged to connect, and stay in contact with Direct Funding staff for direction and updated information at this crucial time. To find your local Direct Funding Resource Staff please visit

Attendant Services Programs across Ontario

All attendant services programs across the province (private and not for profit) are continuing to provide supports in people’s homes during COVID-19. While there may be some delays as some PSWs may be in isolation, for the most part, it should be business as usual. PSWs are equipped with masks and increased sanitation practices to protect their clients and themselves. We highly encourage people to contact their providers to understand their emergency preparedness and their protocols of service.  If you are experiencing challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SCIO staff or email us at [email protected]

Stay Connected

At a time where we are all physically distancing because of COVID-19, it is hugely important that we stay connected, communicate and find ways to stay “social” and safe through interactive virtual platforms.  SCIO has been doing just that over the last couple of days to ease some anxiety, understanding our community’s concerns, and looking where SCIO can put its energy to support you as a reliable voice during this challenging time.

SCIO staff have been contacting clients and having chats on how we can work together in isolation. Two repetitive concerns our community has been articulating is the need for medical supplies while they are not able to leave their homes and reliable attendant services to maintain independence and health, hence the above information.

We hope this update is a good resource for you. We continue to work with the Ontario Government to identify gaps and barriers associated by the interruption of COVID-19.  Be safe, stay home, and keep SCIO on speed dial. We are here to help!


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