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COVID-19 Survey & Report on Disability Issues

In late 2020, the federal government’s COVID-19 Disability Advisory Group released its report applying “a disability lens to the government’s response to the pandemic.” Chief among their 21 recommendations are:

  • To provide monthly financial support to disabled people in need;
  • To identify personal support workers as “essential services”;
  • To ensure universal access to personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • To surveil for family violence during the pandemic;
  • To ensure that disabilities to do not constitute exemptions from emergency or intensive care;
  • To ensure data collected reflects the experiences of disabled people.

For more information, view the Government of Canada COVID-19 Disability Advisory Group report.

You will also find the interim report of a survey of 713 members of partner organizations with a variety of disabilities and different age groups by CDPP and Abilities Centre. Click here to see the survey, report and resources.

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