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Craig Caregiver Assessment of
Rewards and Effort (C2ARE)

Validation of a new tool to assess Caregiver Distress and Benefit

As interest and awareness of caregiver needs increase, researchers are looking at issues related to caregiver distress and life satisfaction. However, no survey exists to look at the physical aspects of providing assistance to someone with SCI (e.g. shoulder/back pain), as well as the emotional impact of being a family caregiver (e.g. depression), the presence or absence of social support (e.g. having a personal support worker), and being in control of caregiving tasks. Therefore, in order to test a new survey designed to measure caregiver distress and benefit, we are asking family caregivers to complete this survey with questions about your experience with caregiving.

Purpose of Study: Testing a new survey designed to measure family caregiver distress and benefit.

Who is eligible to participate:  In order to participate in the study, you must be currently providing assistance to a family member with SCI, and be able to read and understand English. 

What is involved: Sharing your caregiving experience by taking part in a 10-15 minute survey via online OR over the phone.

Participants will be compensated $30 upon survey completion.

If you would like to participate or would like to know more about the study, please call or email :

Gaya Jeyathevan, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Project Coordinator
Tel: (905) 903-8019

Principal Investigator:
Catharine Craven, BA, MD, FRCPC, MSc
Neural Engineering & Therapeutic Team, KITE
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute- University Health Network
520 Sutherland Drive, Toronto, ON, M4G 3V9

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