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Philanthropy @ SCIO

We're Built on Philanthropy

SCIO founders had a powerful vision all those years ago, that was realized only because others believed in it. Today, the profound impact we have on the lives of people with spinal cord injury is possible because of our caring donors, who are people living with SCI, their families, volunteers, corporate partners, staff and others who want to make an impact through philanthropy. We are grateful to you for continuing to build our community and supporting our belief in the power of choice. For all.

Life-changing impact

There is no question that life changes with a spinal cord injury. It can be a long, excruciating process to get back to health and independence. Through our diverse work, we don’t only fill gaps in service and funding from the provincial government, we revolutionize care and support, just like our founders did in 1945. We make it our business to understand every stage in the journey from injury to recovery to rehab to living independently and making choices in life again. Many of our staff and volunteers have an SCI so our understanding and experience is deep, which translates into very specific and personal support for those we serve.

Our donors – individuals and corporate partners – play a pivotal role in removing the barriers to progress for our clients. We see their day-to-day struggles – from minor inconveniences to immense distress – and we also see the impact of reducing and eliminating those struggles, thanks to your donation – large or small.

How to help

Thank you for considering a donation to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. Here are some links on how you can help:


Make a secure online donation using a credit card. An automatic tax receipt will be issued.


A convenient monthly donation is a wonderful way to support our work.


Your business will be in good company and make a big impact – inside and out.


Review all the ways you can donate to SCIO.

Funding insights

We are the largest agency in the province providing support, service and advocacy to people with spinal cord injury. The Ontario government recognizes our role in improving circumstances for 33,000 Ontarians living with an SCI, and supporting thousands of family members, and so provides funding for our work. Though critical, this government funding does not cover the full scope of services to our clients. Which means our donors fill that vital gap.

And it means when a newly injured young man, like Josh pictured on this page, has worked through some fears and feels ready to go back to where he taught skiing before his injury, he can. And, as he does, he can discover just how much strength he has to meet those fears, and experience the joy of the hill from a completely different angle.

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