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Giving Tuesday

The power of mobility

In 1950 our founders initiated the development of an essential mobility device - the world’s first mass produced electric wheelchair. One of our founders - John Counsell - made a determined and strong case for the need and George Klein of the National Research Council Canada (NRC) met the challenge. The result profoundly changed the lives of millions.

Today you can change someone’s life by helping them get the essential mobility devices and equipment they need.

Please give today and change a life. 

100% of your support will go to providing essential equipment like wheelchairs, powerchair batteries or safety grab bars to people who need them but cannot afford them.

Today 200% of your support will go to providing essential equipment thanks to
PIA Law generously matching the first $5,000 in donations.

PIA Personal Injury Lawyers

Photo: Courtesy of The National Research Center

“Your very generous donation is life changing to me. When I learned that someone was willing to donate this to me…well, let’s just say I was blown away. I cried so much because I was so thankful that kind people, like yourself, exist in the world.”

– May in Hamilton, Ontario to an anonymous donor of a mobility device



If you prefer to donate by phone please call Jenny at 1-877-422-1112, ext. 214.


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