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Community Learning

We have something to share

You don't get to be our age without having a thing or two to say. We love sharing our stories and giving others the opportunity to learn about spinal cord injury and the person behind the disability. Our staff and volunteers are ready to speak to your classroom, workplace or community group, or at your fundraising or community event. Get us in to see you!

Here, there and everywhere you are

We are happy to share our expertise and we love a dialogue! We can customize our presentation to your needs – a five-minute story, an engaging presentation or an interactive Q & A. Your group can draw on our speaker’s bureau to learn about accessibility, advocacy, disability awareness, injury prevention, mental health awareness, spinal cord injury and any number of topics related to our work. Because our services are based on lived experience, our learning is often delivered by speakers who have been through every aspect of spinal cord injury. Their stories are important, informative and often transformational.

Examples of our Community Learning initiatives include speaking/presenting at:

  • Events hosted by the Federated Health Charities to share stories demonstrating the impact of workplace donations.
  • Local fundraising / community events around the province.
  • Conferences and conventions on disability and accessibility.
  • Workplace meetings to inspire self-directed charitable payroll deductions or donation matching programs.
  • Schools looking to teach students about SCI, disability awareness, accessibility and advocacy issues.
    Prevent Alcohol and Risk Trauma in Youth
  • Participation in Sunnybrook Health Science’s PARTY (Prevent Alcohol And Risk-related Trauma in Youth) Program

Ready to learn?

SCIO is funded to provide these cost-free community-based education opportunities. Connect with us for more info: email educator@sciontario.org

If you are a member of the SCIO community and looking for workshops for people living with SCI – check our Event listings.


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