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Research Opportunities

An art and a science

Sound research is critical in shaping the experience and opportunities of those with spinal cord injury. We fund research in some cases, lead research teams or projects, and participate in diverse research as much as we can. We believe in collaboration to achieve optimal results, and welcome information about research opportunities for our community.


Spinal Cord Injury Ontario wants to help researchers share ethics-approved research opportunities and results with our community. If you are a researcher, affiliated with a research organization, consider our research promotion package that gets the word out in a big way and generates the interest and engagement of relevant participants. An investment of $300 gets lots of promotion for three months.


Participating in ethical research studies can be a rewarding experience, not to mention super helpful for moving science forward! Check below for Current Opportunities. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario may not be affiliated with the researcher or the research project and provides this information as a resource to those who may be interested in participating. To learn more about a particular study please contact the person identified with each project.

We encourage you to do your own research before agreeing to participate in any study.


We have one current opportunity:


Examining the impact of Virtual Integration Platform for individuals with Spinal Cord Injury (VIP-4-SCI)

During this study you will have access to a web-based platform that will allow you to virtually connect with your network of care (including your SCIO Regional and/or Peer Co-ordinators) using your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You’ll have access to the web platform for one year and will be asked to complete a brief survey after each use of the video consultation feature so that the usage of the platform can be evaluated by the research team.

Are you suitable to participate?
To participate in the study, you:

  • live in Ontario
  • are a client with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario
  • can be male or female

You will not be able to participate in the study if:

  • you are not comfortable communicating in English
  • you have no access to a mobile phone, computer or tablet with an internet connection

If you have questions regarding this study and your potential participation, you may contact:

Dr. Chip Rowan  416-597-3422, ext. 6217   chip.rowan@uhn.ca

Investigators on this study include:

Principal Investigator: Dr. B Catharine Craven

Co-investigators: Mr. Courtney Cole, Dr. Stuart Howe, Dr. James Milligan

This is a joint study by For a Healthy Me, Mobility Clinic, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and UHN Toronto Rehab.

This study is funded by Ontario Centres of Excellence

>See flyer for this opportunity

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