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It’s Time to Get AccessNow

The Government of Canada has just announced a $2.7 million investment in the accessibility app AccessNow. We applaud the Canadian Government for their investment into a resource that is sharing invaluable information on the accessibility of Canada’s built environment.

For those who haven’t heard of AccessNow, it is the ground-breaking app created by Maayan Ziv. Maayan, a long-time friend and activist for SCIO, created AccessNow to encourage people with disabilities to review how spaces meet their accessibility needs.

The app is all about sharing accessibility information with a view to creating a map that pinpoints accessible spots near you, no matter where you are! AccessNow relies on community spirit and sharing knowledge, which is one of the many reasons we love it so much. A red pin on the map indicates a place that is not accessible, whereas a green pin is a sign that it is. The AccessNow team are working toward a day when the entire world turns green with accessible pins.

SCIO has supported Maayan since the early days of AccessNow and is so proud to be a community partner of this digital innovation. Together, we can breakdown barriers in our community and make sure the world is accessible to everyone.

Download the app and recruit your community members to go on MapMissions – reviewing the accessibility of their neighbourhood shops and hangouts. If you’re an organization who works with people with disabilities, check out AccessNow today and learn how it can impact your clients’ well-being – Watch Maayan in Action!

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