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New Catheter Program Launched at Lyndhurst

We’re always excited about launching new initiatives that help people with spinal cord injury live the lives they choose. Together with UHN Toronto Rehab, and our sponsoring partners Coloplast and Hollister, we are proud to announce a new catheter samples program at Lyndhurst Centre, which will increase the options for people choosing catheters as they leave the rehab environment.

The program is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Nurses work with patients to determine which types of catheters might work best for them. Patients then go to the SCIO online form to make their choices and the sample kits are then prepared by SCIO staff for pick up.

This pilot project, launched at Lyndhurst Centre  in Toronto on January 8, may be made available in other rehab centres across Ontario. It’s a great way to expand choice and ensure the right fit and function for catheter users. Thanks to all who celebrated the launch and supported the program’s development, including Josh Forbes (see photo gallery), a patient partner who spoke at the launch about the importance of choice for people with spinal cord injury.

For more information about the program please contact info@sciontario.org


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