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ODSP Internet Coverage

Technology provides the opportunity to improve access to services by removing the limitations of geographic location, health status, financial constraints and other barriers to participating. The lowest risk activities for everyone at this time are virtual-only activities. However, the people who need these services the most are the ones who cannot afford to participate. There are peer support, social programs and counselling services currently offered virtually and these are a life-line to those who live alone and suffer a disability. SCIO has worked with the government and internet service providers to bring this much-needed lifeline to the people who need it.


This is a copy of the letter that we prepared, requesting financial assistance for basic virtual support (including internet charges) for those receiving ODSP and OW, who specifically request it.

Connected for Success



We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to connect, which is why SCIO has partnered with Rogers Communications to introduce the Rogers Connected for Success program. Their goal is to bring more Canadians online by offering reliable internet at a great price and the program has been expanded to include our community.

Connected for Success offers high-speed, low-cost internet across Ontario to subsidized tenants,
seniors and to individuals receiving disability and income support.

If you are a recipient of Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Ontario Works (OW) or
Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) you may be eligible for Connected for Success.

To learn more about Connected for Success please click here.

For more information on rate plans please click here.


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