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Peer Physical Activity Counselling

Effectiveness of a phone-based peer physical activity counselling program for people with SCI
Participating in physical activity, the movement of muscles during everyday activity, has numerous physical and mental health benefits. Meeting physical activity guidelines to attain such health benefits can be challenging, especially for manual wheelchair users with an SCI.
Peer led programs and the use of technology to deliver programming has been shown to improve physical activity levels in participants with an SCI. ALLWheel is a unique program that combines these two approaches and could be an effective means for improving levels of physical activity for individuals with a SCI.
University of Toronto and the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration are conducting a study that aims to explore the influence of a 10-week, peer-led Smartphone Peer Physical Activity Counselling (ALLWheel) program on level of physical activity in manual wheelchair users with a spinal cord injury.

Who is eligible to participate: To participate in this study, you:

  • Must have a spinal cord injury for at least one year
  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • use a manual wheelchair for mobility and physical activity.
  • can self propel for at least 100 meters
  • not meeting the SCI physical activity guidelines
  • able to speak English or French

What is involved:

Participants are randomly assigned to a peer-led physical activity counselling intervention or a control group which receives physical activity materials. Participants complete surveys at three time points. Total duration is 13 hours over a 6-month period.Participants will be given an honorarium of $50 for each of the three data collection sessions (Total of $150).

If you are interested in participating and would like to know more about the study, please click on the following link:
What is ALLWheel About?

If you would like to participate please contact:

Ritu Sharma
University of Toronto

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