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Life-changing champions

You have the opportunity to have an extraordinary impact on people you may not even know. Every day, someone in Ontario sustains a spinal cord injury - through a car accident, a sporting mishap, an illness or neurological disease - and life changes dramatically. Your monthly donation changes things again, profoundly and for the better.


A steady stream of support

Recovering from a spinal cord injury and returning to an independent life is tough, requiring ongoing encouragement from family and friends and regular support services from organizations like SCIO.

That kind of dependable support also requires a steady stream of funding. The funding that SCIO receives from the provincial government is not quite sufficient to cover the costs of the sustained and much needed services we provide across Ontario.

That’s why monthly giving is so important. A scheduled financial donation – from your bank account or credit card – provides a stable and predictable source of funding that makes it possible for us to continue to have a life-changing impact today and plan ahead more effectively for tomorrow.

For donors like you, a monthly gift makes it possible to champion a cause close to your heart while strategizing about giving. Your monthly donation has a big impact on those living with an SCI – such as Craig, who’s shared his thoughts on this page – as we know it’s there, regularly supporting our work.

We consider our monthly donors to be SCIO champions! Consider becoming a monthly donor to SCIO – at any recurring amount – and join our Champion Club today. It’s secure and easy.


Craig Miller, SCIO


“Having suffered a T11/T12 complete Injury in 2016 and finding myself in the Regional Rehabilitation Centre at Hamilton General Hospital, it was kind of surreal. I don’t think I fully comprehended the scale of my injuries. I was being taught so many new life changing skills, it was hard to take it all in.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario was there and they supported me, both physically and mentally. It was SCIO who introduced me to their Peer Support Program. To be able to talk to someone who has already been down the road you have found yourself on is very reassuring.

To be able to talk to someone who still follows their passion is inspiring.

To be able to talk to a husband and wife who can speak about the new caregiver role you will need and give you some insight into what to expect on the road ahead is invaluable.

To be able to talk with people who have built an accessible home and can give you tips on all the challenges that lay ahead is so gratifying.

They seem like little things at the time, but they’re new life skills you are going to use on the road ahead. I was so fortunate to have this service available to me, and didn’t realize how much I needed it.”

Craig Millar, Peer Support Program participant


Thank you for considering a monthly donation to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.


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