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Reflections on 2021

Looking back on the year and the changes we’ve helped create.

""As the year winds down and we continue to adjust to the changes to our world due to the pandemic, we continue to experience gaps in care and accessibility for people with disabilities. Over the course of the year, we have observed and consulted with various levels of government to address the following:

• A more innovative approach to the operations of the Assistive Devices Program and the limitation of devices funded and repairs
• Implementation of programs and services that enable greater affordability of intermittent catheters and related supplies
Retention and recruitment of PSWs in home settings that prevent people from being stranded at home with PSWs not showing up
• Strategies to support pressure injury recovery in the community
Virtual health care services as well as better affordability of high speed internet access for people with low income
• Navigation of Home and Community Care Services from the transition of LHINs
• Barriers to accessibility including the prevention of e-scooters on our sidewalks, improvement of our accessible parking permit programs and managing basic accessibility to goods and services from stores during the pandemic.

Our systems of service, from health to community and social services, have been overrun during the pandemic. Human resources are shrinking and creating detrimental hardships to people with SCI and other disabilities. SCIO has been at the forefront trying to tackle these issues and we continue to work with government on solutions. Much of this work can be found in the Creating Change section of our website.

SCIO will be participating in Ontario’s pre-budget submission process to rectify these barriers and actively preparing toolkits for our community and candidates as we enter the next provincial election in June 2022. For the most part, the government has been receptive and working closely with us on solutions. However, the voice of our community is essential. In January, we will be launching our election campaign, which will highlight ways to get involved.

In the meantime, keep up on these important matters as self advocates, enjoy the holiday season, stay safe and reach out to SCIO in times of need. We look forward to tackling these barriers further in 2022 with your help. We are on the right path and with patience, persistence, and resilience… We will get there!


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