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Response from Mayor of Stratford on GO Train Route Cancellation

Last week, we shared an online petition with our community, bringing attention to the threat of accessibility between London, Ontario and Toronto via GO Train. The petition urges Metrolinx and all relevant authorities to reconsider the decision to discontinue the London to Toronto route and take into account sustainable transportation and economic development. Thousands signed the petition and even reached out to their respective Mayors, MPPS and MPs to bring attention to the matter.

SCIO’s advocacy department reached out to the Mayor of Stratford earlier this week and received a positive response that shares our concerns:

“Thank you for your message. This cancellation of the GO Train pilot project is of great concern to me. I have been working closely with MPP Matthew Rae and MP John Nater to address this reduction on passenger rail service. The goal is to have the GO Train service continue and/or the return to the pre-COVID VIA Rail service in Stratford. I am working with five local mayors to advance our case of support for improving passenger rail service to Stratford and area. This loss of service will impact local residents and visitors. I will continue to give my attention to this important issue. Mayor Ritsma.”

We are hopeful that the route will remain in place and will keep our community informed on any developments related to this matter. We have also shared our concerns with Metrolinx and remain optimistic about a positive response. We encourage you to sign the petition  in the meantime and connect with your MPs and MPPs to communicate the importance of maintaining these routes.





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