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SCI Peer Support Programs

Evaluation tool for gauging impact/effectiveness of SCI peer support programs.

As part of a collaboration between two universities (McGill and University of British Columbia) and four SCI organizations (Ability New Brunswick, SCI Saskatchewan, SCI BC, and SCIO), we are conducting a national research project to further understand SCI peer support programs in Canada.

Our team has developed an evaluation tool for SCI peer support programs of community-based organizations across Canada through a series of research projects. We are interested in learning more about the validity of the evaluation tool and would like your assistance in providing your thoughts on the evaluation tool.

Who is eligible to participate: To participate in this study, you:

  • Adults (18+ yrs),
  • Have sustained a spinal cord injury,
  • Have participated in peer support program/service delivered by a community-based SCI organization as a mentee (i.e., someone who receives peer mentorship),
  • Understand and communicate in English,
  • Have no cognitive impairments,

What is involved:
We are looking for individuals who receive or have received peer support within SCI community organizations to participate in this study. Participating in this study will consist of a) partaking in an interview whereby you will conduct a think aloud process while you complete the evaluation tool and answer reflection questions about your experiences completing the evaluation tool; and b) responding to the evaluation tool once again ten days after the completion of the interview. Participants may be eligible to receive up to $50 in compensation.

If you would like to participate or find out more please:

  • visit and select the tab “Think Aloud Study (for mentees to participate)”, or
  • contact the research assistant: [email protected].
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