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SCIO Welcomes a New Board Member

SCIO is delighted to welcome incoming board member, Heather Flett! Our board members are invested in and devoted to the SCIO community, and Heather is no exception.

As an Advanced Practice Leader in the Spinal Cord Rehab Program, she considers spinal cord injury research to be her passion. A long-time proponent of SCIO, Heather was first introduced to the Lyndhurst Centre in 1998 when she worked as a physiotherapist. Presently, Heather’s job involves integrating research into best practice in SCI rehab; namely by providing clinical consultation, leadership and education.

Aside from her primary role, Heather works with the SCI Ontario Solutions Alliance and with the SCI Advocacy Subcommittee. Heather is looking forward to collaborating with board members she describes as inclusive, inquisitive and dedicated to upholding SCIO’s mission. She hopes to bring a unique perspective to the board by leveraging her 20+ years of clinician work. By using her place on the board, Heather aspires to engage the community and champion advocacy for people living with spinal cord injury. We’re thrilled to have you, Heather!

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