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SCI&U – Online Peer Health Coaching

Peer Health Coaching for People with Spinal Cord Injury

Do you want to be healthier? Would you like support as you work toward your health goals? Trained peer health coaches can help you reach your health goals. You will be asked to take part in a pilot program that offers 6 months of peer coaching.

The University of Toronto is currently recruiting participants for an Online Self-Management Program for
Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) called SCI&U.
• Participants meet privately, one on one and online with trained peer health coaches;
• Coaches are all Canadians with SCI;
• Participants define and follow their own goals and plans for health related behaviour change;
• Participants meet with coaches up to 14 times over six months.

How long is the study and how does it work? This study will use a randomized controlled method. This means that when participants enrol, they will be assigned by chance into one of two groups:
1) Immediate enrolment in the SCI&U online health coaching program.
2) Wait-list control (this means delayed enrolment; the participant won’t be enrolled in the program until
after 12 months).

Who is eligible to participate? In order to participate in the study, you must:
• have not previously participated in the SCI&U Program
• be 18 years or older and fluent in English
• have been living with a spinal cord injury (traumatic or non-traumatic) for at least one year

What is involved? Participants provide informed consent. During the study:
• Participants will either be in the “SCI&U” program or waiting to be in the program
• Participants will do online surveys at 4 different times over one year
• Participants may be asked to discuss the program with researchers at program exit.

Participants will receive an honorarium (a pre-paid credit card) of $300.

How do I participate? If you would like to participate or would like to know more about the study, please contact : 


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