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Scotiabank Marathon Tip Sheet

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2019 – Registration Tip Sheet

Registration Process:

We highly encourage you to register for the race (

Customized Registration PIN Codes:
Your customized DISCOUNT CHARITY PIN codes for race registration (in addition to applicable taxes and processing fees) will be:

  • Marathon or Half Marathon ($80): M19SCION
  • 5k ($40): 5K19SCION
  • 5k with Stroller ($45): 5ST19SCION

Public Fundraising Site:
The direct link to the event fundraising home page is:

Charity Splash Page (Homepage) on STWM Website:
Your information will be posted on the STWM Scotiabank Charity Challenge webpage (

You will notice that there are 3 options listed below your Charity:

  • Register – The full race registration & fundraising registration process through the Race Roster Race Registration system, which will allow you to transfer your information over to the Scotiabank sponsored Artez fundraising system.
  • Fundraise – This ONLY creates a fundraising account. This link is for those that have already registered for the race through Race Roster and decided to support a cause after the fact
  • Donate – This allows a donor to make a one-time donation directly to your charity

Direct Donation to Your Charity:
As there is no feature that allows a direct donation to the charity, we have come up with a roundabout way of allowing donors to make one-time donations. We have created a personal fundraising account under the name of your charity. This page should be provided to individuals that want to make a donation to your charity, but do not have a team or individual in particular they wish to support. Additionally, if someone selects to make a one-time donation through the registration form, it will be collected on this page.


First Name:  Spinal Cord Injury Ontario***PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE FIRST NAME***
Last Name: General Donations

Please do not edit the name or change this account to your personal name. There is coding set to this account so that it will not be included as an individual fundraiser. The funds raised through this account will not be included in the prize categories that are calculated based on individual fundraiser performance (Largest # of Fundraising Runners and Largest average dollars raised per Fundraising Runner.)

Housekeeping Items: Resources, Training & Promotion/Awareness Opportunities

  • STWM Charity Challenge Promotional Assets: Customizable posters & Digital banners We have pre-designed customizable posters and promotional digital banners to help promote your charity’s participation as one of the official charity partners. Please send us an email request if you would like access to them, and the link will be sent via email.
  • Share your Inspirational Charity Stories: We are looking for inspiring charity stories to share on social media. Tell us why you/your supporter is running in STWM! Please submit online via:
  • *NEW THIS YEAR* Join our private Facebook Group: 2019 STWM Scotiabank Charity Challenge – Charity Administrators Connect – A great way to connect with your colleagues, and to continue sharing tips and best practices.

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