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Spreading Holiday Cheer

This past holiday season, SCIO partnered with HandiHelp Accessible Innovations Inc. to bring holiday cheer to patients at the Lyndhurst Center. Chris Stigas, owner of HandiHelp is a former graduate of the Lyndhurst Center.  Since his time there, he has worked hard to rekindle a passion for life and understands the importance of having peer support in the early months of rehabilitation at the Center.

SCIO’s Peer Support Program, where Peers interact in person with newly injured patients, is a vital component of rehabilitation and recovery. However, the program has been compromised as a result of the pandemic, since all physical meetings have been cancelled. This led to a sense of isolation for the patients at Lyndhurst. Realizing this unique situation, SCIO and Chris decided to prepare holiday baskets for all 52 patients at Lyndhurst during the holidays.

With safety precautions in place limiting social gatherings during the pandemic, these patients were facing a holiday away from family and friends at a time that they truly need them. Chris and the SCIO staff wanted to do something special to bring joy into this different holiday season. They felt it was important for the patients to understand that, while we are still in a challenging pandemic, SCIO will continue to do everything possible to creatively support people who are newly injured.

Huge thanks to Chris and the Lyndhurst staff who made this special delivery happen during this unique holiday season.


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