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Finding meaningful work can feel like a challenge. You may have a gap in your resume, specific accessibility needs or you may want to learn new skills to become more competitive. Our employment services team is equipped to help you navigate your job hunt.

We serve job seekers in the GTA and can offer our workshops to anyone in Ontario through virtual access.

Resumes and Cover Letters

We can help you get your resume and cover letter in top shape to maximize your chance of advancing to the next stage.

Connecting you to Employers

Our job developers work closely with employers in the community and keep tabs on exciting new opportunities that may be relevant to your skill set.

Interview Prep

Our employment counsellors are well versed in current interview methods and can help you prepare for upcoming interviews to help you make a lasting impression.

Skills for Success Workshops

We offer monthly workshops that are designed to make the job hunt smoother. From enhancing communication skills to learning about different personality types, our workshops can help you transition into the workforce successfully.

Assistive Technology

This service is provided to clients who have  physical barriers to accessing the computer. Our team can refer you to Assistive Technology, where your adaptive technology needs will be assessed by an Occupational Therapist and Rehabilitation Engineer. They will provide a report and recommendations, and explore potential for funding assistance with the Employment Services team.

Job Retention

Once you land employment, our team can continue to support you throughout your transition to ensure you have appropriate accommodations and community supports.

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Job Seeker Toolkit

Meaningful employment that aligns with our skills and interests is a great part of everyday life. That’s why SCIO Employment Services takes great pride in helping people find the right fit. By taking a look at the information in this toolkit, we will be better equipped to help you by delivering tailored services that align with your background, interests and skills. 

Cortree Disability Education Centre

Courses for people with disabilities looking for work

SCIO is proud to present Cortree, a digital tool that provides educational and peer focused content to support our community. Our Cortree courses for job seekers are designed to help you maximize your chances of getting hired with a disability by mastering the art of networking, communicating your value, accessing the hidden job market and succeeding in the long run once you secure employment.

Woman in a wheelchair working discussing blueprints with her clients.

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