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For over 75 years, SCIO has been specializing in the support of those with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. Through our extensive history and years of experience collaborating with our community members in research, medicine and the broader disability community, we have learned that education and peer connection are vital to our community. They impact the rehabilitative journey not just physically, but emotionally and mentally – having the opportunity to connect with peers on a similar path is extremely valuable and has proven to help members of our community to live the life they choose, in spite of new challenges faced.

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Job Seeker Toolkit

Meaningful employment that aligns with our skills and interests is a great part of everyday life. That’s why SCIO Employment Services takes great pride in helping people find the right fit. By taking a look at the information in this toolkit, we will be better equipped to help you by delivering tailored services that align with your background, interests and skills. 

Cortree Disability Education Centre

Cortree Employment Services Courses

SCIO is proud to present Cortree, a digital tool that provides educational and peer focused content to support our community.  Through Cortree, you can watch free educational videos, book an in-person consultation with our Employment Service Specialists and attend free workshops designed to help you land suitable employment.

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