You're hiring!

There's nothing like a good hire - bringing someone on board and watching them contribute positively and come to thrive in your workplace. For 30 years, we've been matching quality employers with qualified, motivated candidates, with outstanding results. Since our placement service is funded by the provincial government, this service is free of cost. And the benefits, priceless.

How does it work?

As a SCIO Employer Partner, you will be assigned a sector-specific Account Manager from our team who works with you to assess and understand your business and hiring needs. A thorough understanding of your workplace environment, culture and essential skills required for the position – combined with an equally thorough understanding of our candidates – results in a strong, relevant match.

Our specialists pre-screen candidates, saving you time and money in the recruitment process, and present our recommendations for the position. We may also contact our network agencies: The Job Opportunity Information Network ( and ODEN (Ontario Disability Employment Network) to expand the talent pool.

Once hired, our team is available to support you and the new employee if needed. Services include any level of support or information requests and job coaching.

Our Candidates

We work with candidates who have a variety of skills and abilities, from lawyers to customer service representatives, and culinary professionals to web designers. Our candidates are dependable, ready and able to work.

Benefits to Employers

Placing and Retaining Employees with Disabilities

You hire people because they have the skills and abilities to do the job. There are additional benefits of hiring a person with a disability. Here are just a few of the many points to consider:

Cost for our services

There is no cost to you for taking advantage of our placement and ongoing support services, including job coaching, as described above.

Other Valuable Services Available to Employers in the GTA

  • Disability awareness training for staff, management and HR
  • HR Consultation, best practices
  • Worksite assessment
  • Information, consultation and assessment related to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

These specialist services have a cost associated with them. To learn more about improving disability awareness in your workplace, and to see how other businesses have used our services, explore our Corporate Training.

SCIO Employment Services is always just a phone call away to provide support and answer any question, big or small (free of cost!).

Call Frankie He, at 416-422-5644, ext. 250.