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Ready to find work?

Meaningful employment that aligns with our skills and interests is a great part of everyday life that provides us with a sense of purpose and community. That’s why SCIO Employment Services takes great pride in helping people find the right fit. Our team of dedicated employment counsellors and job coaches work with clients one-on-one to understand their goals and help them achieve them too.

Whether you are already registered with our program, or just thinking about getting started, this toolkit is designed to help you navigate the basic elements of the current labour market.

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What you will learn in this toolkit:

How to build a strong LinkedIn profile to help you find job opportunities and build your online presence.

How to tap into LinkedIn’s advanced features to expand your network and learn new skills.

Popular job boards and basic computer skills that will help you in your job search.

How to access self-learning tools to help you become more competitive in your field.

How to manage your online presence to optimize your job search.

Harnessing the power of your mind to achieve positive results

How the Ontario Human Rights Code protects people with disabilities in the workplace.

We would love to support you on your journey to land your next job.

By taking a look at the information in this toolkit, we will be better equipped to help you by delivering tailored services that align with your background, interests and skills. 

SCIO Employment Services is able to help you navigate your job search. By signing up for our program, you can participate in comprehensive workshops about resume and cover letter writing, job interviews, digital job search skills and the attitudinal aspects of job hunting that will make a positive impact on your journey.

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