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Insights and information for and by our community on issues related to accessibility, advocacy and living the life you choose.

Living with a spinal cord injury will likely mean getting a little more creative with your approach to sexual intimacy.
by Gabriella Carafa, Social Worker and University Lecturer There are a lot of life changes when you develop issues with
By: Emma Lavery Take a walk around your business. What do you see? Are there steps leading you through the
By: Chris Gaspar Finding a job can be tough for most people. For people with disabilities, it can be even
By: Chris Gaspar There’s an expression that job hunting is often a job in itself. I’ve discovered that this is
By: Emma Lavery Happy Pride Month, everyone! This June, LGBTQ2+ communities from around the world celebrate the freedom to be
By: Chris Gaspar As the weather gets warmer our thoughts turn to ways we can become more active, expand our
By: Chris Gaspar With warmer weather coming this spring, many like to enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and
Whether it’s your first purchase or your fifth, it pays to take an audit of your needs and environment.
In 2018, while studying at McMaster University, I was given the fantastic opportunity of doing a 4 month internship with
Photographer, raver, adventurer and exercise enthusiast, Chris Rice (pictured with his sister on the CN Tower EdgeWalk) has been a
In conversation, inappropriate words are like bricks. When used continuously and purposefully, we can build up large walls; walls which
SCIO social media channels are a great place to connect with our community. We use four platforms to keep you
Modifying your vehicle so it suits your accessibility needs can be a very empowering process. Being in control of your
We’re having a long hot summer here in Ontario! Here are some top tips for keeping cool and beating the
Thunder Bay Tennis Centre is bringing athletes in the accessibility community an exciting opportunity in the form of wheelchair tennis.
Having an accessible workplace or business is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the law. As Ontario
Gearing up for a job hunt can be daunting if you live with a spinal cord injury. SCIO is here
Here are some results from our Election Day in Ontario campaign.
We’re proud to present a few recent changes in our communications.
Nancy Xia is employed at SCIO as our Community Resource & Education Assistant. When you enter the Lyndhurst Centre in
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