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Cortree Disability Education Centre

Know how. Right now.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario is proud to introduce a new online learning series for people with disabilities and families. We reached out to our community to find out exactly what topics you are most interested in. The answers? Choosing a Wheelchair. Pain Management. Sexual Health. Nutrition & Kitchen Accessibility. Vehicle Modification.

These topics represent some of the many dynamic, interactive courses you’ll find on Cortree. This is an exciting new product line from SCIO and we’re sure you’ll find something to help improve or enhance your health and well-being. Look for more topics in the coming months to help you make your home accessible, stay healthy, get back to work, and live the life you choose.

How to access

Access to Cortree Disability Education Centre is free if you are:

  • an SCIO client
  • a person with a spinal cord injury who is registered as an SCIO community member
  • a family member of a person with an SCI and is registered as an SCIO community member

> If you are a client or are already registered as an SCIO community member, look for a Welcome to Cortree email.

> If you aren’t (or aren’t sure if you are) registered as an SCIO community member, register online now (no fee!)

> If you do not meet the above criteria for free access and would like to register, or if you are already registered, explore Cortree here. A small fee gets you big online learning!

What’s the story?

We’ve developed Cortree with the help of our vibrant community members, people who get it, who know life with a disability inside out and are excited to share what they know with you.  

  • Cortree is a social venture owned by SCIO –  all proceeds from sales and partnerships are reinvested in SCIO to support new programs and services, education and advocacy campaigns by and for people with disabilities
  • Cortree is grounded in the spirit of Peer Support and Independent Living –  we’re committed to making life more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

We’ve also worked with industry experts, health care pros, researchers, counsellors, disability specialists – professionals whose experience and expertise are built into every course you take.

Cortree is your direct line to reliable information that boosts your confidence, competence and community.



Standing behind our Cortree users:


Our Partners 

Bell Mobility
Universal Motion

Our Supporters


Our Advisors


  Matthew Maynard 
MBA, Manager, Graduate Leadership Program, TD

   Aïko Thurlow 
CEO, InFounders & Entrepreneur in Residence, York University

   Alicia Saint, ATC, ACC
Professional Coach & Sales Consultant at Alicia Saint Coaching & Consulting


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