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Time to Take the Guess Work Out of Fueling Up

Niall El-Assaad in the drivers' seatMeet Niall El-Assad, a real person solving real problems. Niall, a person with a spinal cord injury, saw a need in the spinal injury community for a solution to connect gas stations with disabled drivers. In response to this problem, he conceived, developed and funded the app, fuelService. FuelService connects drivers to the gas stations near them which provide full-service meaning there is an attendant who helps them fuel up and accepts payment. Niall’s app alerts attendants to the driver’s arrival,one feature users enjoy, as it eliminates the annoyance of drivers having to flag attendants down. It also removed the possibility of drivers being denied service at multiple locations before finding a full service station. After successfully launching in the UK, Canadians with mobility disabilities now have the option to purchase this app. Niall’s tech solution proved to be an incredible asset. Both users and the rehabilitation industry benefit from fuelService, as the app has been used for fundraising and recovery research. Click the link to check out our full articles on Niall El-Assad’s impactful technology.

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