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Vehicle Modification Can Change Your Life

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Wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptive driving equipment bring greater freedom for individuals and families with mobility challenges.

If you’re like me, you enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to hit the road to do anything from grocery shopping to taking summer vacations. After all, we live in a society that worships the car as well as the independence it allows. But some of us with mobility challenges, or who care for others with those challenges, may feel like that freedom isn’t possible. As a person with quadriplegia and a wheelchair user, I can tell you it is.

Who can use a modified vehicle?

A vehicle can be adapted to meet a wide range of mobility needs, whether it’s to transport an elderly relative, a child who uses a wheelchair, or a spouse who has experienced a stroke. There are many adaptive technologies to make it easier to carry a variety of passengers. And there are even more adaptations that allow people like me with mobility issues to drive ourselves. If you use a cane, walker, wheelchair or other assistive device, you can drive a modified vehicle and enjoy the independence and freedom of movement we all value.

Imagine what’s possible!

As a culture, I think we are more limited by our imagination than by reality. If you are dreaming about more freedom in getting around, there are mobility and vehicle experts out there who can bring your dream to life.

Would you like to drive yourself, whether you use a wheelchair or other assistive device? There are options for you. Vehicles can be adapted for a driver who transfers from a wheelchair to a car seat or who will remain in the wheelchair. All that’s required is explaining exactly how you will use the vehicle and then working with an expert to find solutions.

Would you like to be the driver for a friend or family member who uses a wheelchair or who finds it difficult to enter and exit a vehicle? No problem. A vehicle can be modified to meet their needs and make transportation easier and more enjoyable. From ramps to wheelchair tie-downs to power seats and innovative equipment storage, you can help your friend safely travel  wherever they need to go.

Hitting the open road

If you want to get out more often and more easily – for yourself or someone you care for –  there are modifications available to make it happen. They offer convenience, reliability and safety. Even better, they offer a sense of belonging to our highly-mobile culture, the ability to make more choices, and the possibilities of the open road.

I’ll bet you have more questions. Like, what about financing or tax breaks? Or learning how to drive with all the innovative technologies? Or only needing a modified vehicle for a few years? I promise, there are people who can provide all the answers.

Reach out to the experts who can make your dreams of greater freedom and independence a reality.

For more information on vehicle modification visit the Cortree Disability Education Centre

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