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Virtual Sport

Peer-facilitated virtual sport for adults aged 50 years or older with spinal cord injury.

KITE Research Institute – Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network are recruiting for a new study. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of a peer-facilitated virtual sport program on the physical, psychological, and social health of adults living with spinal cord injury who are aged 50 years or older.

Who is eligible to participate: Criteria to participate:

  • Adults aged 50 years of age or older with SCI
  • Minimum 12 months post injury
  • Uses a manual wheelchair
  • Medically cleared to participate in exercise.

What is involved:

This virtual sport intervention will include physiotherapist-led warm-up exercises and peer-facilitated handcycling over Zwift (an indoor cycling training application). Participants will complete;

  • 5-6 clinical measures at 5 time points
  • 24 sport sessions (twice a week for 12 weeks)
  • one interview with a researcher
  • Participants will be reimbursed for their time.

Additional information:

  • Overall, participants will be involved in the study for 32 weeks.
  • Sport sessions will be conducted virtually over Microsoft Teams (an online video-conference application). Assessments will be conducted virtually and on-site at UHN-TRI. The interview will be conducted virtually or in-person.

    To participate or if you have any questions, please contact:

    Katherine Chan
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone Number: 416-597-3422 x6199

    Please note that email should be used for general communication regarding the study only; sensitive or confidential health information should not be shared over email. Please note, participation in this study is voluntary and will not impact any current therapy you may be receiving.

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