Vision 2020 Memes

75th Anniversary Memes 

What is a meme? Good question! A meme is an idea, behaviour or style that spreads by imitation from person to person within a culture. In this case, our meme is a graphic image, with text that links to our mission and vision. The image is impactful and can be easily shared across networks on social media, spreading the word!

Our 75th anniversary memes can be used throughout the year. The copy that accompanies these images is very important, it’s the difference between someone simply enjoying the artwork and clicking through to engage with us further. Here’s some suggested text that you could use along with our memes (please note: these messages may need to be shortened slightly when using Twitter but can be copied as is for Facebook, LinkedIN and Instagram):


Getting there should be half the fun, not the whole problem.


Getting there should be half the fun, not the whole problem.

Suggested copy #1: Spinal Cord Injury Ontario was founded by World War II veterans who rejected the idea of people with disabilities being institutionalized. 75 years later, we’re proudly continuing their work. There’s a lot still to do but with your help we can do it. Learn more:

Suggested copy #2: This year, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario turns 75 years old. The charity has come a long way since it was founded in 1945, but we know we’ve still got a lot to change. With your help, we can get there:

Suggested copy #3: By making a donation to SCIO, you’re telling the world that you support an inclusive province, void of barriers. To celebrate the charity’s 75th year, I’m helping to raise $75,000. I cannot do this without your help. Please consider donating today:

Welcome is a relative term.
Welcome is a relative term.

Suggested copy #1: In 2020, accessibility shouldn’t be an afterthought. Over the last 75 years, SCIO has championed changes in our communities that have greatly impacted the lives of over 36,000 Ontarians currently living with SCI. We’ve still got a lot of work to do and we cannot do it alone. Join us in raising the funds needed to create a province that’s accessible for everyone: 

Suggested copy #2: Whether or not you use a chair, let’s bring access to the table. A welcoming entrance is one that everyone can use. Help SCIO celebrate 75 years by ramping up your voices AND your doorways. This is the year we make accessible happen. Join us:

Suggested copy #3: This year, I’ve pledged to help raise $75,000 for SCIO. I’m doing this because I believe we need to create a world that is accessible for everyone. Will you help me? Donate today: 


By using hashtags with your posts, you’re increasing the potential audience size (and in doing so – increasing the likelihood of donations). Hashtags help social media platforms to target posts effectively so that people are most likely to experience content they are interested in. The number of hashtags you use after a post will depend on which platform you’re using. Twitter has a word count allowance so you may only have room for one hashtag (or sometimes none at all!). 

Remember: Always cap up new words in a hashtag, even though they are presented without spaces. This is to ensure your hashtags are accessible to people using screen readers. 

Here are some hashtags you can consider using when talking about SCIO’s 75th anniversary: 


Need help? You can reach a member of the Marketing and Communications team by emailing: [email protected] 


Accessing the memes


  1. Right click on the meme you’d like to share.
  2. Select “Copy Image”.
  3. Navigate to your social media news feed and right click and select, “Paste” into the status field. You can also use Ctrl-V on your keyboard.
  4. Give it a second and the image will automatically appear. You can type an associated message so your friends know why you’ve posted the image.
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