Vision 2020

Safe at Home: Connecting in a Crisis

Thank you, Board Directors, for raising urgent funds for vital SCIO programs and services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your fundraising efforts will connect our community to critical support so they can be Safe@Home

Physical distancing doesn't mean being alone.

Our Vision-2020 fundraising campaign has morphed from a celebration of our 75th anniversary to generating the urgent funds we need to support isolated and vulnerable community members during COVID-19.

We are letting our community know that their donations will be matched by our Board of Directors, up to $75K in 2020.  The Safe@Home campaign target is set at $45K (including the board match) from April to the AGM of June 24. The rest will be fundraised throughout the year, leading up to our November 5 anniversary gala event. All your fundraising efforts will support this matching program.

Questions or Suggestions?
Contact your fellow Board members on the Fundraising & Marketing Committee:
Dana Francoz; Sarah Hicks; or Joanne MacDonald.

Key Messages

You can refer to this web page about the need for and the impact of donations to our Safe@Home campaign when speaking to people in your network as you help raise urgent funds.



Here are some community members’ stories that demonstrate the general impact of SCIO programs and services.
Chris Channon – Peer Mentee
Marjorie Francoz – Peer Mentor
Chris Gaspar – Employment Services 
Emily Giroux – Student Researcher
Chris Rice – Peer Mentor
Jake Thomas – Peer Mentee

$75,000 $78,700
100% Participation!


Collection and Tracking

  • – This is a dedicated Board of Directors online donation page – currently branded Safe@Home. All donations made through this form will be tracked as contributions to the Safe@Home matching campaign goal. 
  • If donors prefer to call in their donation, they can call Jenny at 416-422-5644, ext. 214. (our toll-free # is unreliable right now)
  • Donations made by Board members in response to 2020 appeals using any online form or payment method are included in the campaign total.
  • Funds raised through other means – e.g., ticket sales or offline initiatives – are tracked and added to the campaign total by SCIO’s Resource Development (RD) staff.
  • A charitable receipt will be provided to Board members and other donors for financial donations as per CRA guidelines (one exception:event tickets)

Fundraising Ideas

Whether you generate revenue through your network or make your own contributions, you’ll move us closer to our Vision 2020 target! Choose the ideas that resonate with you – maybe a different idea for each quarter in 2020?

Send an email appeal to friends and family

Use this sample email or create your own. Why not challenge your network? “I’ve donated $300 and challenge you to the same for a great cause!”

Host a Virtual Event

Use Zoom or Skype or other creative ways to host a fundraising event while upholding our province’s physical distancing rules.

Give in honour or in memory

Use our regular donation form to do so in honour of friends or family. Or make SCIO the charity of choice at weddings or special events in lieu of gifts or flowers.

Give monthly

Sign up online, add to your monthly total for 2020 or inspire others to sign up.

Support an SCIO program

Donate (and ask your network to join you) to support the new Family Peer Mentorship Program or the Enhancing Independence Program.

Make an Introduction

Do you know someone who loves our mission and has capacity to give? No need to make an ask yourself! We’ll reach out to them once we receive your kind introduction.

Sponsor a future SCIO event

There are less opportunities now, due to COVID-19, to sponsor or support the exciting events that were planned for 2020. But there’ll be a big one soon!

RD staff member Lali Mohamed can customize an approach for you at [email protected] or 416-422-5644, ext. 221, and confirm how Board members can get on board for the 75th birthday party coming up.

  • Save the Date for SCIO’s 75th Birthday Party
    March 11, 2021

Give the Gift of an SCIO Experience

On Hold for Now. Send your friends, family or colleagues to any of the 2020 events on our calendar for adventures in skiing*, laughter, SCI insights, golfing, wheelchair racing or connecting with the community. Share the event link with them so they can buy a ticket, or buy them a ticket and give them a Gift Notice.


#1 Purchase tickets online (see upcoming events here)

#2 Share Gift Notice with your recipients

#3 Let SCIO staff know who to expect on the day: [email protected]



  • Email Appeal: Sends friends and family a personal email to inspire their support of our urgent Safe@Home campaign Use this sample email (PDF) – copy text (or revise) and insert into your email.

These materials can be used when we move back to the 75th anniversary messaging.

  • Postcards; Keep on hand to share with colleagues, friends and family, to direct them to 75th page. Pick up at Feb Board mtg. Sample here
  • Gift Notice: Attach this graphic to an email to let those on your gift list know you’ve purchased tickets on their behalf. Download PDF 
  • Social Media memes: Use these images to share on your social media channels to inspire awareness and donations. 
  • Thank you medallions – Small 75th branded thank-you cards for group donations (e.g., wedding guests) Sample here.
  • 75th Video – We’re producing a few videos to celebrate SCIO’s 75th anniversary. Share them!  View Then and Now  
  • Brochures – print and online brochures outlining SCIO programs and services – pick up at Feb Board mtg.

If you have other ideas to generate revenue, please let RD staff know. Contact Lali Mohamed at [email protected] or 416-422-5644, ext. 221x

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